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One Response to (FHD) ABP-108 NEW TOKYO流儀 04 プレステージ 女優

  1. guardianx says:

    Not the greatest. This one gets about average score from me (mostly because of how attractive Momotani is). There’s no story to be had here – it’s just basically a bunch of scenes put together. Guys cum on her mouth and there’s a little post orgasm sucking (very little). Those expecting swallowing or prolonged post sucking will be disappointed.

    We start off with a little prologue Momotani waking up and preparing for a full day’s work(?) as we her leaving towards her destination.

    Scene 1:
    We get a quick scene of Momotani showering (presumably preparing for her scene) and playing with herself a bit.

    Scene 2:
    She has fully clothed sex while wearing jeans and boots. Guy cuts a hole in her jeans and fucks her. This might work for some folks, but for me, it was just a little wierd.

    Scene 3:
    She’s in a bedroom room with a guy and proceeds to suck him off to completion. She is again, fully clothed. Thankfully no wierd scissors at play here.

    Scene 4:
    Momotani’s back in her own bedroom. She’s in her panties and jammies as she gets ready for bed. We get treated to a solo scene with her using a vibrator on herself.

    Scene 5:
    We get an after dinner scene where guy is cleaning dishes while Momotani appears in lingerie and boots. She then teases him and gives him a hand job using wine(?) lubricant. It’s pretty clear the wine isn’t really wine as we see it is really thick – but whatever.

    Scene 6:
    Final Scene, we get Momotani back at home with and her boyfriend. They apparently had a fight and have make-up sex in her bedroom.

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