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(FHD) juy-696 夫では味わえない快感 中年オヤジに気が狂いそうなほどイカされ続けて.。 山口菜穂

_FHD_juy-696 夫では味わえない快感 中年オヤジに気が狂いそうなほどイカされ続けて.。 山口菜穂

Release date: 2018/12/07
Time: 120分
Stars: 山口菜穂
Director: ビバ☆ゴンゾ
Series: —
Studio: マドンナ
label: Madonna
Genre: 羞恥 輪姦 熟女 人妻 単体作品 寝取り・寝取られ デジモ サンプル動画

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One Response to (FHD) juy-696 夫では味わえない快感 中年オヤジに気が狂いそうなほどイカされ続けて.。 山口菜穂

  1. xxxxhog says:

    Like many of the hottest and sexiest JAV MILFs, Naho Yamaguchi was originally recruited by Soft on Demand. That company has a great track record with beautiful and hot MILFs (Nozomi Tanihara, Sana Mizuhara, Ayaka Muto, Ayako Inoue & Misaki Enomoto are a few others that come to mind), but they seem to keep them only for a short time before releasing them or not re-signing them. Naho recently completed a half-dozen projects for SOD’s SDNM label, all great features for her. She’s now in the DMM stable for the time being. I hope she gets lots of work because she warrants a lot of attention.

    When Naho’s on her knees doggie style, you can see that her relaxed sphincter indicates her booty hole has opened up to some good phallic penetration in her private life. She hasn’t done any anal or DP scenes on camera yet, but I have my fingers crossed that that will change. This video is categorized as a “Gangbang,” but there are only three scenes with multiple men and they are either abbreviated or edited/faded-out way too quickly for me.

    As this is Naho’s first feature for Madonna, I’m willing to be a bit more generous (Score=8/10) than may be justified, because I think she has great camera presence and she looks terrific performing sex. In this video, she doesn’t do anything non-consensual, meaning that she only needs a wee bit of prodding in order to engage in deep kissing, cock jerking & sucking, missionary-style and doggie-position sex. She gets a healthy cumshot on her face in the third scene (a 2-on-1), as well as cumshots on her belly and breasts in two of the other scenes. There are no internal cumshots, meaning that at least the cum is real in this video.

    One thing I hope that doesn’t happen is for Madonna to tone down Naho’s performances, sex acts or resulting appeal. The director for this video is “Viva Gonzo,” who I think totally underachieves here, given that he has a beautiful MILF to shoot, and who seems willing and able to perform hot sex. The first 3-on-1 gangbang scene fades out from out of nowhere, not even letting the heat rise and finish off. And the last 3-on-1 gangbang scene is like a 30-45 second fade out.

    So Naho Yamaguchi deserves a higher score for this video than the director does, and higher than Madonna deserves. I hope Madonna’s next Naho video does her justice. Because Naho outshined both the director and Madonna in this video.

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