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One Response to (FHD) BF-557 快感風俗フルコース 企画 Cum Orgy

  1. onidz86 says:

    Another fantastic non-rape movie by Saeko Matsushita. I always looking forward to her release either from Attackers or BeFree. All of them I totally enjoy watching. I think Saeko-chan is getting a lot hotter as she getting older. She has the same body of Julia and Yumi Kazama as they get older they are hotter.

    Anyways, I was captivated with the theme of this film. Costume! I’m also a big fan with costume and lingerie. Seeing Saeko-chan on the cover page with a see-through clothing gets me excited. I love all the outfit she wears in this film. The costumes highlight either her mature beautiful delicious breast or the wonderful round ass. It also accentuates her beautiful long legs.

    In the first scene, Saeko-chan wears some kind of Chinese costume with an open on the chest part to reveal her cleavage. This is a blowjob scene only. I like when she takes out his dick and her face looks amazed to see a huge cock in front of her. She licks the shaft before she proceeds bobbing his dick into her mouth. He then ejaculates inside of her mouth and she let the thick semen drips. They go on the couch and she proceeds to lick his chest. Saeko-chan exposes her delicious melon and gives him paizuri. His dick fits perfectly between her lovely breasts. I like the guy poking her breast with his dick. That must be feeling so good to poke her soft big tits. She licks his balls and licks all the way up to his tip. She gave him a slow blowjob at first and later proceed to a full pledge blowjob. She bobs his tip while her right-hand strokes his shaft. For the second time, he cums in her mouth. What a lucky guy.

    The second scene, Saeko wears a sexy airforce uniform. I like the white top that only covers her chest. In the teaser on this scene, I’ve almost had an orgasm as she teases as unbutton her top and revealing her lovely breasts. I really love her breast, it’s big enough that suits on her body and those areolas are perfect for her breast. This scene has a footjob. I’m not a fan of this fetish but she did well making that cock hard using her feet. She then gives him a handjob. I like how she teases the cock like stroking it so hard then suddenly stop. After she had fun, she let the guy cum inside her mouth. This is the same guy on the first scene, so he cums in her mouth for the third time. Lucky!

    The third Scene, Saeko-chan wears the same costume on the cover page but she has a checkered skirt. She looks stunning and friggin hot. I love the see-through costume just covering the chest with the end of the shirt sitting on halfway on her breasts. This is a soapland scene. Saeko-chan starts giving the male actor, the same guy on the first and second scene, a body wash. She uses her breasts as a sponge. Wow, that must be the softest sponge bath. Then she takes off her clothes and the guy gives her a body wash. He concentrates fondling her tits, who doesn’t want to. I can caress the lovely breast of Saeko-chan all day. Next, he uses his hand as a sponge to wash her crotch. I also love to do this. In return, she drops down on her knee and starts cleaning his dick. Body wash is finish, so they go to the tub. They start having a passionate kiss before Saeko-chan gives him a blowjob. He thanks her by eating and finger her pussy which she has an orgasm. The male actor proceeds to fuck her in dog style, starts on a slow thrust then increasing it as he managed to pick up his pace. Later, they did a cowgirl position. Saeko and the male actor takes a turn on hip movement. Then he fucks her in missionary position until he cums inside her pussy.

    Next, Saeko-chan wears some kind of sailor uniform. Her top is quite tight that just cover her bust, it looks like her breast about to explode. Her down is like a bloomer type but looks more a panty. She also wears a long stocking with strips on the thigh parts. Plus she’s on high heels. Man, this costumes really highlights all her beautiful and delicious parts of her body. Her breast is about to pop out, her down gives a good shape of her round butt while the stockings and high heels highlight her beautiful long leg. At first, Saeko-chan is blindfolded. Hirota starts kissing her and caresses her lovely tits. He then exposes and savours her delicious melon. He also gropes her round ass. Hirota eats her sweet pussy while bending on the couch. He then fingers her pussy and makes her squirts. Saeko-chan drops down on her knee and gives him a blowjob. She looks like an obedient girl, willing to suck her master’s dick. Saeko-chan sits on his lap and saddle on his dick. This position accentuates her beautiful ass. Hirota fucks Saeko-chan on standing position, he banging her really hard, her tits bouncing wildly. They did doggie, standing and missionary before Hirota cums inside her pussy.

    The last scene is a gangbang. I think this is my favourite scene in this film as I love her costume and the gangbang. We see Saeko-chan on bed interviewed by the director. She wears a stunning pink Chinese see-through costume. She paired it with a crotchless panty. OH Man, that is fucking hot. When she spread her leg, easy access to her sweet pussy. She also wears light make up. I think she doesn’t need heavy make up. Next, we see Saeko-chan joins by five male actors who wear a big smile as they see in front of them a delicious meat. Oh yes, Saeko-chan is a delicious meal on the bed. The two male actors start smelling her. She must be smell so good. They start fondling her breast, caressing her body. Some of them smell and licks her armpit while other licks her thigh. Such a wonderful view, a beautiful lady laying on the bed surrounded by five men savouring her delicious body. They take turns kissing her, licking each corner of her body and eating her pussy. It looks like they own Saeko-chan. The sex scene is pleasurable to watch. There is a little rough banging but there is no sense of abuse towards Saeko-chan.

    Definitely, I recommend this film.

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