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One Response to (FHD) ipx-219 BEAUTY VENUS 5

  1. onidz86 says:

    Three major AV studios bring their topnotch girl in this film. I think this is the first collaboration work of S1, Ideapocket and Premium. Having the best girl of each studio and one of them who is currently holding the crown of AV actress of the year, this gives us the hype. Look at the members who wanted to see this film, I think this is the highest number on “want this” button. But that doesn’t matter, what most important is how this film executed.

    Well, I’m one of the fans who are really excited to watch this. As a big fan of Aika Yamagishi (my AV princess) working together with my favourites Arina Hoshimoto and Minami Aizawa, I consider this as a dream team. But there is a catch, three actresses in a film might not be as interesting once you watch the video. What I mean is that there are many films same with this one that the three girls have only one male actor. This leads to a boring movie as the two girls are doing nothing. I think it will how the director executes the sex scene. The director of this film, Usapyon” is a newbie, he just started directing this year.

    So what is my take to this film? I think it’s a fairly good film. There are scenes that didn’t work well. The three girls vs one male actor scenes are less exciting with the exception of the blowjob. I think it would be best the three girls have one each male actor. Regarding what I’m talking about the blowjob, in the first scene, the three girls show us their skills and technique to each other and to the viewer. It would be best if this film is translated as maybe they are discussing their technique.

    Now what I like about this film is that the director did two girls vs one male actor scene. This made the film more interesting and hot. Imagine your two favourite AV actress in a hot sex scene. Both of them were given attention or doing something rather than sitting and smiling to the camera. LOL…

    Anyways, I’ll talk about the scenes. In the introductory part, the three girls look elegant with their dress. I can see Arina-chan wears the best dress of the three, Aika-chan has this v shape on her chest but still look classy while Aizawa has a one-piece dress tube that is stylish. The three looks like a debutante, to be honest. Fast forward to the naughtiness of these three innocent cute girls, they start sucking a dick. I believe the three girls will work out in this kind of scene. The three takes turn to show their blowjob and handjob technique. First is Aizawa-chan, she works on the head most of the time and occasionally licks the shaft. Her handjob, she uses both of her hand stroking the cock. Arina-chan, she sucks the dick a little bit deeper and she also licks the shaft. Her handjob, she holds the shaft with her left hand and concentrates stroking the head with her right hand. For Aika-chan, she sucks the dick a little deep and uses her tongue more often to lick the head. She only uses one hand to stroke the dick. I thick Aika-chan did an amazing performance in blowjob while Aizawa-chan did the best on the handjob. The three also indulges into the cock at the same time, Aika-chan sucking the head while Aizawa and Arina lick the shaft. The male actor cums on their faces with Aika-chan receives most of the semen.

    The second scene is not that much interesting. The blowjob is enjoyable same as the first scene but the sex scene is quite boring. We see the classic scene of one girl saddles the cock and the two are just smiling on the camera, occasionally they tease the male actor.

    The next three scene is the most interesting as the scenes have only two girls on one male actor.

    Arina and Aizawa scene: I like the introductory where we see the two kissing each other. Now the male actor joins them, the two tag team sucking and licking his dick. This is likely a sensual sex scene. I love the two keep doing french kiss during sex. They also take turns riding the dick and face sitting on the male actor’s face. They did a doggie style and missionary before he cums on Aizawa’s tummy.

    Arina and Aika – For me, this is the hottest scene of the entire film. Wet and wild scene. Wild, as the two are eager to fuck the male actor. Wet, Arina and Aika’s young pussy spurt with their love juices. The blowjob has a little bit of aggressiveness. The sex is fucking awesome, one part of the scene where Aika on missionary while Arina on top of Aika-chan on doggie, the male actor alternately pounding their young pussy. I love also where the take turn on a certain position, Arina fuck on doggie while Aika laying below of them waiting to suck his dick with Arina’s love juice coated on it. They swap, Arina also did suck the dick with Aika’s love juice. The two girls fuck on multiple positions; doggie, side laying and missionary before he cums into their mouth. Aika-chan swallows the load given to her, that’s my AV princess, never had a second thought to swallow a sperm.

    Aika and Aizawa scene: The two were paired of Yuto Kuroda (piston brother) and I thought these two girls will have a hard banging sex. Instead, we see they tied his head and blindfolded him. This is some kinda bondage theme and the girls will take control. Yes, they did an awesome job doing their hip movement as they enjoying humping his cock in and out of their young pussy. The best part for me is when Aika is on missionary position then Yuto gives her a hard pounding. Aika-chan arches her back as he relentlessly fucking her pussy and gives her shivers and orgasm. This is the only hard pounding from Yuto in this scene.

    I think the last scene would be better if they have a gangbang. I don’t understand why the production didn’t give us a gangbang. This is a special release and it will a memorable if the last scene has a good orgy. Anyways, the three wears their studios’ bikinis. They look fabulous. The sex scene did quite improve but still not there. I mean during sex the girls are interacting with each other, like kissing, licking and male actor hands busy fingering their pussy. But that’s all, nothing really exciting.

    I still enjoy the film despite especially the Arina and Aika part. If you are not interested in a 3 vs 1 scene, then skip and go to the 2 vs 1 scene. I definitely enjoyed it.

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