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One Response to (FHD) FUGA-24 私.実は隣人に毎日中出.

  1. drive99 says:

    I really like the FUGA-xxx series (~28titles) these are above average quality JAVs which get good ratings.
    Almost all of them have a simple plot : A couple living in an apartment complex have an argument and the wife seeks shelter next door with a young neighbor and then feeling neglected has revenge or compassion creampie sex with him. Watch Fuga-14 for a good example with that plotline. This video has a a slightly different plot: A neighborhood gang forces themselves on a housewife in the apartment complex and abuses her until she submits to their demands. There are a few other videos in the series with a similar plot. (watch FUGA-15,16,17 for others similar, if you like this one). Generally I don’t like too much abuse in javs but these were very watchable.

    scene 1:
    Keiko Ninomiya plays a prim but also very horny housewife who loves to masturbate with herself in privacy. She lives with her husband in an apartment building and dutifully goes about her daily chores. Sweeping the corridor outside her apartment one day, she encounters her young neighbour and his gang hanging out in the passageway smoking,drinking and joking together. One of these bad boys teases her then goes up to her and starts to grope her pulling up her skirt much to the amusement of the friends. She quickly retreats into her apartment to escape.

    One of the boys shows the others a secret video he managed to take of Keiko masturbating with herself in her lounge. Now knowing that Keiko could be more open to sex than at first appearance, the young men burst in on Keiko and show her the secret video to shame her into having sex. They restrain her by holding her arms so they can make her compliant. First they finger fuck her until she cant take it anymore and she cums violently squirting all over the kitchen table. One of the boys then opens his pants and they make her give him a blowjob and then follow on with full on sex ending in a creampie. All the while the boys are videoing the scene possibly for blackmail?. Keiko resists a bit but does cooperate and is left dazed on the floor dripping cum as she trys to fully understand what just happened to her.

    scene 2:
    Keiko gets intercepted in the hallway coming home from shopping and the boys grab her and set up a laptop and proper video camera so they can make a really good video of her masturbating. With only slight reluctance this time she agrees to make a video and they interview her on camera and persuade her to slowly strip and use a dildo on herself as she gets herself really worked up. Finally the same boy who she had sex with before comes on camera and she gives him a bbj and plays sexily with his cum in her mouth. After they all leave you realize she has really enjoyed herself fully this time as she now begins to masturbate like crazy, fantasizing about what happened to her.

    The most handsome and well built of the boys who staid in the background during the previous more abusive action waits for Keiko in the hallway and she lets him enter her apartment with little resistance. It does not take much persuasion to get her to kiss him and soon they they are making out passionately on the bed ending in a huge creampie and finally relaxing in one another’s arms in post coital bliss. One imagines that she is going to have a lot of fun in future with her young bad boy lover from nextdoor…

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